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ASSET Program Events

Youth & Family Services of Virginia (YFSVA) is Virginia's leading provider of services specifically designed to help families deal with the unique challenges of raising a child diagnosed with Autism. YFSVA's ASSET Program not only supports the child directly in both the home and community, but also assists the family with support, education and training.  YFSVA's ASSET Program sponsors various community events and activities to assist families in identifying additional autism related services and resources.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Social Clubs 

Please join us for the Social Club (SC) for children aged 5 & older.

This club is intended to: 

- Teach and encourage appropriate social skills and interactions

- Assist with school transitions

- Provide coping mechanisms for stress management

- Equip students with tools to build and maintain friendships

- Plus much more!!!

Our NEW Littles SC, with children aged 5-6, will meet on Thursdays  from 4:30-6:00pm at the Center. 


Our Social Club, with children aged 7-17, will meet on Tuesdays  from 4:30-6:30 PM at the Center.



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Past Events


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